Renewable Energy Certificates - RECs

What is a REC?

A Renewable Energy Certificate or Renewable Energy Credit is referred to as a REC. 

Does purchasing a REC mean the power to my house will be renewable?

Purchasing a REC does not mean that you have clean or renewable power delivered directly over the utility wires to your home.  This is not possible.

Why not?

Power produced from various sources all flows into the electrical grid where it is all mixed together. Think of it like water flowing into a bathtub. 

As power is needed it flows from the grid to individual homes and businesses.  There is no way to track power directly from it's source to it's final destination.

Instead, RECs represent the environmental and other non-power attributes of renewable electricity generation and are measured in 1 mega-watt-hour (MWh) increments of power generated from renewable sources like wind, solar, hydro, and biomass. They can be traded in online markets separately from the actual electricity produced by renewable facilities.

We purchase our RECs from renewable energy projects in the United States, which supports the development of domestic renewable energy.