Projects We Support

Learn more about the projects we support. The map below depicts all past and current projects supported.

Project Type

  • Landfill Gas Capture/Combustion
  • Livestock Gas Capture/Combustion
  • Ozone Depleting Substances - Article 5 Imports

 Projects We Support Map


Landfill Gas Capture/Combustion

Capturing methane that is generated from waste at landfills. The methane component of landfill gas is converted to carbon dioxide, resulting in a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions which is better for our environment.

  • Gaston County, Dallas, NC
  • Ball Ground, Forsyth County, GA
  • Tyler, TX, Smith County, TX
  • Boyd County, Ashland, KY
  • Conestoga, PA   


    Livestock Gas Capture/Combustion

    Capturing methane emitted from livestock manure to avoid it being released into the atmosphere, then using it to generate electricity or other renewable energy sources.

    • Morris, MN 


    Ozone Depleting Substances – Article 5 Imports

    Reducing harmful chemicals or substances through carbon sequestration that destroy the earth's protective ozone layer.

    • El Dorado, Union County, AR


    The projects we support are third-party verified by Verified Carbon Standard or Climate Action Reserve to guarantee that the emission reductions are real, permanent and verified.