Afognak Island, AK: Improved Forest Management and Logged Forest to Protected Forest

Project Overview 

Location: Afognak Island, Alaska

Project Type: Improved Forest Management and Logged Forest to Protected Forest

Standard: Verified Carbon Standards (VCS) v3.0

GHG Emission Reduction: Approximately 100,000 metric tonnes per year

Afognak Island

The Afognak Forest Carbon Project represents over a decade’s worth of dedicated efforts in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the American Land Conservancy, to conserve a truly unique ecosystem. In 2008, this pioneering effort affected a shift from timber production management to conservation management across the five parcels that constitute the Afognak Project. The Afognak forest carbon project focuses on preserving Afognak’s History, protecting native species, and preventing land disruption and GHG emissions from timber logging.


How You Can Participate

The activities associated with the conservation of this habitat are partially funded through the sales of carbon offsets, which are generated from the preservation of the Afognak Island forests in accordance with widely recognized and accepted methodologies. These offsets can be employed to counter the impact of your personal life or an organization’s carbon footprint, all while ensuring that the conservation efforts of Afognak Island continue. Learn more about how you can support this project.

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